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Linux RAID issues are discussed in the linux-raid mailing list to be found at You do not have to be subscribed to the mailing list to post. Please note that you should "reply all" to any email - not everyone is subscribed to the list. Feel free to post requests for help to the list - just remember that many of us are users of raid who are happy to help other users, so do not expect a prompt reply, although a reply will probably be forthcoming eventually.


Asking the mailing list for help

There is a whole bunch of stuff you need to do first, before asking the list, however. And, studied carefully, this will hopefully enable you to solve your own problem.


smartctl --xall /dev/sdX

Run smartctl on all drives. Most requests for help to the list turn out to be because the drives do not support TLER or SCT/ERC. This is easily fixed. --xall is rather verbose - for a shorter report you can use "-H -i -l scterc" instead.


mdadm --examine /dev/sdX
mdadm --examine /dev/sdXn

Run --examine on all drives and partitions. This scans the drive for information about what arrays are on the drive.

mdadm --detail /dev/mdN

Run --detail on all arrays. This scans the array for information about the drives or partitions which make it up.


Download Phil Turmel's lsdrv utility with

git clone git:// lsdrv

It uses Python 2.7 so if your system defaults to Python 3 you will need to edit the shebang line, and then it should work fine. Run it and then save the output!


cat /proc/mdstat

What to do next

Check all the following sections to see if they solve your problem for you.

If they don't, post a description of your problem, accompanied by the output of all those commands, to the mailing list.

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