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The Original HowTo

A great deal of the wiki is based on "The Software RAID HowTo" by Jakob OEstergaard and Emilio Bueso

Here is the relevant section from an email I received from Jakob OEstergaard on 31/ July 2006

Emilio and I have agreed that we will license the *current* (31st of
july 2006) version of the Software RAID HOWTO in English, under
the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.2.

You can download a copy and use it as you see fit, in accordance with
the GFDL   :) 

If you have any questions or if there's anything else you need, please
let us know.

Good luck with the project!

-- / jakob 

It's now my understanding that I've abided by the GFDL and we can now edit/format/restructure the text on the article page and use it anywhere else in the wiki. Big thanks to Jakob and Emilio. DavidGreaves 12:45, 31 July 2006 (PDT)

The following people contributed to the creation of the original HowTo documentation:

  • Mark Price and IBM
  • Steve Boley of Dell
  • Damon Hoggett
  • Ingo Molnar
  • Jim Warren
  • Louis Mandelstam
  • Allan Noah
  • Yasunori Taniike
  • Martin Bene
  • Bennett Todd
  • Kevin Rolfes
  • Darryl Barlow
  • Brandon Knitter
  • Hans van Zijst
  • Matthew Mcglynn
  • Jimmy Hedman
  • Tony den Haan
  • The Linux-RAID mailing list people
  • The ones I forgot, sorry :)
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