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This site is the Linux-raid kernel list community-managed reference for Linux software RAID as implemented in recent 2.6 kernels. It should replace many of the unmaintained and out-of-date documents out there such as the Software RAID HOWTO and the Linux RAID FAQ.

Where possible, information should be tagged with the minimum kernel/software version required to use the feature. Some of the information on these pages are unfortunately quite old, but we are in the process of updating the info (aren't we always...)

Linux RAID issues are discussed in the linux-raid mailing list to be found at


Help wanted

Please contact David Greaves or Nick Yeates if you'd like to help with this site.


There is an Overview section that is based on the RAID HowTo, covering the following:

The document is sprinkled with references to the deprecated raidtools which are being gradually removed.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Here goes a collection of frequently asked questions.

A mdadm-faq is available.

Areas Of Interest

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