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I started in programming in 1982, using FORTRAN on a Pr1me. I've since used a wide variety of systems, and my forte is the Pick/MultiValue database system (a NoSQL database). I'm also a competent C programmer, and have dabbled in a fair few other languages, like Scheme/Guile, Forth and J, amongst others.

My first linux system was Universe Linux, with kernel 1.3, and I now mainly use Gentoo, with SuSE and Slack as backups. (I don't like Debian-based distros, Gnome, or Red Hat.)

I much prefer digging into and optimising the internals of systems, rather than messing about at the user interface level.

At present I am unemployed, hence having time to work on these things. I am based in London, England, and would love to get a job or consulting work out of this.

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