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* [[RAID Boot]]
* [[RAID Boot]]
* [[SATA RAID Boot Recipe]]
* [[SATA RAID Boot Recipe]]
* [[RAID superblock formats]]
* [[Preventing against a failing disk]]
* [[Preventing against a failing disk]]

Latest revision as of 14:47, 7 February 2018

While the site is being updated much of this may still be found on the front page. As the information is reviewed and either copied into a new page, or deemed obsolete, the old pages will be deleted from the front page.

[edit] Overview

This section has been partially updated and is now being rewritten instead.

There is an Overview section that is based on the RAID HowTo, covering the following:

The document is sprinkled with references to the deprecated (since 2003) raidtools which are being gradually removed. Anything mentioning mkraid, raidtab or raidtools should be fixed.

[edit] Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Here goes a collection of frequently asked questions.

A mdadm-faq is available.

[edit] Areas Of Interest

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