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23:44, 28 March 20180e922ae.jpg (file)30 KBTeera Garcia 2
21:48, 23 August 2013Anaconda.patch.txt (file)4 KBMartin Wilck (Anaconda patch to make DDF work with mdadm.)1
22:46, 21 August 2013No new drivers.png (file)24 KBMartin Wilck ("No new drivers were found on this driver disk." - Choose "continue", and say you don't have any more driver disks on the next screen.)1
22:15, 21 August 2013Updates.tar.gz (file)138 KBMartin Wilck (template for creating an anconda updates image for installing on a DDF fake RAID using MDADM. You need to add the mdadm/mdmon binaries for your architecture.)1
18:57, 18 August 2013Mdadm.spec.txt (file)30 KBMartin Wilck (RHEL6 spec file for mdadm, modified to build mdadm 3.3 Save as ""mdadm.spec" and use instead of the original RHEL6 spec file. )1
02:11, 20 November 2010Tuxraid.png (file)27 KBAljex (wiki logo , just something until someone makes a good one.)1

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